texas’s sun set’s

On This Day- just a typical sunday. We went to church, got Jersey Mike’s for lunch, and then just like laid around and did nothing. haha Just a relaxing Sunday I guess.

Day 195- To start things off, THIS IS NOT IN ARIZONA!!! Just thought I would clarify that. This was taken from when we went to Texas and went shooting out back behind one of my Mom’s friend’s house. I cannot describe how cool this photo is! The rich gold, orange, and yellow contrasting with that black is soooo…bold and dynamic. Wow. I sound like an artist. :P

This is unedited. Didnt think it needed editing. Photoshop wasnt even opened! All I did was set the camera on "Sunset" mode and BAM! Took this picture.

Me: You know what I heard? You: What? Me: That you should tell people about my blog. You: Ok! I will totally do that! Me: Thanks! *give hug

Now Playing- Mine – Taylor Swift – So does like anyone love Taylor Swift as much as me? Seriously! I love her! She puts the “maze” in ah-maze-ing! And this is her new song! I love it! :)

Matt :D


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