I <3 len flare!

My Day Yesterday- I did nothing. No seriously. Like all I did was watch Tv and stare into a computer screen. But I have come to a conclusion. Before, I hated commercials on Tv. But now that all Tv has become is false or created drama (even in reality Tv) Ive decided that the commercial is the best part of a show.

Day 196- well I actually took this photo today! I was sitting on the computer (like I said) this evening and the sun started to blaze through the window. It was super annoying yet strangely cool. I scurried to get my camera so I good capture some awesome lens flare. The sun shined through the window for about 3 or 4 minutes and then hid behind the trees. I really like this shot.

I actually got another photo of lens flare that I liked better then this one. The SOOC was rather gray. But once I Photoshopped it, I liked it better.

So really I didnt do much. Changed the curve a bit. Brightened and adjusted the contrast. And then exposed it some more. (that sounds soo wrong)

Things will be gettin’ better if you tell your friends about my blog.

Now Playing – California Gurls – Katy Perry

Matt :D


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