lit by light

On This Day- Well lets just jump straight to the afternoon, k? Cause that was the highlight! Why? Because my sister and I started Moezart!!!!!!!!!! (times that by trillion) Im soooo excited! We have an awesome cast and I cant wait to do this play! Even though the actually show wont be for a few more months! :( But who cares! And in case you were wondering, the play is called “Putting On Heirs.”

Day 197- Well I took this one while on vacation. Again, my dad and I were just wandering around town and we went into an old hotel. I of course, began to dart around snapping up a few pictures. Since the whole building was so poorly light for photographing, I had to hold the camera super steady or else the picture would turn out blurry. Anyway, Im pretty sure this was the skylight for the staircase. It was a nice lovely old hotel and I really wanted to stay there. Just cause its old.

The unedited version. There was just enough light to help knock out slight camera shake.

Again with my light Photoshop jobs. I didnt do much because I didnt want to lose that "look" whatever that might be.

You know, you probably are thinking that it would be a good idea to tell your friends about my blog. And its super easy now with the “Tweet” button! Go ahead! Tweet It!

Now Playing – Breakout – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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