Land Ho!

On This Day- Well my mom had another art class today so my sister and I got the house for most the day. We had like nothing to do, other then math, but who wants to do that on a Thursday?  So we basically just watched Disney Channel and Nick all day. haha Yup! I will tell you one thing though, tonight we had pizza from a box. Some guy at Costco told my mom it tasted just like a Chicago Pizza. hahahahaha. No. It tasted like a box. Seriously. It wasnt good at all. Chicago should sue this pizza company for putting its name on a crap pizza! FYI, my family is SUPER (I cannot express that any greater then in bold and underlined) picky when it comes to pizza. We have a very refined palette.

Day 199- This is from when we went to Lake City. Sorry I havent uploaded a picture-taken-on-this-day in awhile. Its not cause I dont feel motivated its just its sooo dang hot out. And I cant stand being out in the heaty hottiness.

I like this photo SOOC. This is the unedited version.

So I Photoshopped it.

I is tired. So I is going to tell a you that a you should tell all a you’s friends about I’s blog.

Now Playing- Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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