putting up with heirs

On This Day – We had MoezArt today! We auditioned and are going to see who we get to play in the play! Hooray!!!

Day 203- as you can see, these are the people I am going to have to put up with for like the next 3 months. HOORAY!! Im so excited! Everyone is super nice and cool and fan and awesome and…that list goes on for awhile.

So lets see if I can list all the names, (left to right) Daniel, Michael, Zachary, (behind Zack) Stuart, Joseph, (Behind Joseph) David, and Jonathan ie, GOATMAN!

Whenever I have to edit a picture with people in it, such as a portrait or group of friends, Im OCD about not making it looked overly Photoshopped. So I try my best to improve the picture, not make it look fake.

HEAR ME! HEAR ME! Methinks (thats really a word, look it up) that you should tell people about my blog RIGHT NOW!!!

Now Playing – Scars – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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