white water

On This Day – Well today was the big day. No, Im not getting married, today was the day we found out what characters we were going to be in the play! My mom and I went to go exchange some shoes and when we came back, the email had been sent out telling us what character we would be! I got the part of Elwood! Basically, Im really delusional and random! Hooray! :D

Day 204 – So if you know anything, this is an old photo. Taken many moons ago. haha But if your new to knowing things, well then, get to know things! So you know them!

Well I took this one while my sister and I were up in Montana with my Grandpa and Jean. It was taken on the Fujifilm. Bleck. Now if youre thinking "Matt, you say your mom's camera is junk, but it seems youve taken quite a few good photos, maybe its not that bad after all." Well just keep this in mind, Out of about 1000 or so photos, the ones you see, are the best its taken.

Well I decided to edit it in Photoshop. So I edited it. Yup.

Yeeeeeehhhaaawww! Did yall feel like tellin’ the village ’bout Matt’s Blog?? Well whatchya waitin’ for? Go  git ‘er done!

Now Playing – Superstar – Taylor Swift

Matt :D



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3 responses to “white water

  1. elliottprice

    Meh. Maybe I’ll think about telling people about YOUR blog when you subscribe to mine!! I have 0 followers so far!

  2. Love the B+W. Love, love, love.

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