smiling light :)

On This Day- my mom, sister, and I went to Safeway groceries, Walgreens for film and a battery, and Albertson’s for tea. haha I dunno, I just thought that was kinda funny. Then this afternoon I got a bit of a tummy ache (still do actually) and after dinner my dad took my sister and I out for frozen yogurt at Yumberi Yogurt.

Day 205 – As shocking as this sounds, I actually took this photo today! haha, sure its not the best, but if ya look at it in a certain way, it looks like its smiling. :)

Well, I took the photo, handheld at ISO 800. If your wondering what it is, its the lights from my ceiling fan, shining through a magnify glass. Interesting eh?

I wasnt in the mood to edit in Photoshop tonight. Can ya tell? I can. Maybe thats cause I know I edited it in iPhoto so I think thats not as good or something. I dunno.

Yall come back ya hear? And bring ya friends too.

Now Playing – Hey, Soul Sister – train

Matt :D


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