storm’s a’brewin’

On This Day – Well I cleaned my room today. That was pretty significant. But not very exciting. But I did get the Chinon to work. Its my dad’s old film camera! All it needed was a couple of batteries for the shutter. Now it works! :D Once I got that done, we went to Johnnies for dinner and then my sister and I watched Harry Potter.

Day 206 – Took this one today! Sadly, while we were going to Johnnies, I left my camera at home. I thought the clouds were really cool! I wish I had a smaller camera just to throw in my pocket. I dont like taking my Lumix everywhere cause its so dang big. :P

I always want to work on the photos that come from my camera because its my phone's camera. Bleck!

So yeah, here's the edited version.

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Now Playing – Come In With The Rain – Taylor Swift

Matt :D


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