head, shoulders, knees, and toes

On This Day – well basically the morning was crap. But this afternoon my dad, brother, and I went to REI, Walmart to get film for the Chinon (it works!!!!), and a gift and card for Daniel’s Birthday! It was awesome!

Day 207 – well its kinda bummer I didnt get a good picture of Daniel on the Lumix. I decided to take the Chinon and try it out! It did great! I think…we’ll see how well the film turns out. But I did get this super cool photo of Caden. Sadly, I had left the camera on Sunset mode so I got some crazy colors! Luckily Photoshop saved my life on this one! lol

Crazy, freaky, colors! But this picture was to cool to let go, so Photoshop here I come!

Ok, so granted, it looks a Photoshopped, but man! Its so much better then the orange/red thing goin' on in the other photo.

To help give it that "unique twist" I converted it to Black and White.

Hey you know what always makes me feel better? When you tell other people about my blog! No really! I rely of you guys! Your word of mouth, tweet, post, whatever helps new people find my blog! So please tell your friends, foes, and family about my blog!

Now Playing – Hey Stephen – Taylor Swift

Matt :D



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2 responses to “head, shoulders, knees, and toes

  1. haha! Gotta luv that kid :P
    I really like this pic!
    {the second one’s my favorite. bestest colors!!!}
    Course, u can’t really go wrong with b&w :)

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