sheer cliffs

On This Day – well after church we went to meet our friends, the Benedia’s, for lunch at Cracker’s! We stayed and talked for a few hours and then went our separate ways. Then came home and pretty much did nothing. Tomorrow I start school. Which stinks. But then in a way Im looking forward to it. Finally getting to see all my friends. Yes, I am home-schooled, but my math tutor comes tomorrow, and then Thursday is the big day! Hooray!!

Day 208 – well I did get some photos today, but one of the peoples in it said they looked fat. So I decided not to make that picture, today’s picture.

Ive always found this photo pretty captivating. But sadly, the colors looked funny and I have no idea why.

But after Photoshopping it and Black and Whiting it, it looked much better. :)

Now what did Matt tell you? He told me to tell people about his blog. Good Boy! Take this bag of candy as a token of your advancing knowledge.

Now Playing – Cave In – Owl City

Matt :D

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  1. You really have a flair for B&W. Oh, and I linked to your blog on my blog post today :)

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