vivid vivitar

On This Day – well I spent the morning doing some math, actually all of it. haha After that we went to return some shoes I had gotten (they shrunk!) and then went to Costco and my sister and I got frozen yogurt and after that we came home and my sister had our math tutor. You know, that is one A.D.D. sentence right there. haha

Day 209 – well last week my mom found some old film cameras in a one of the storage units and she let me have them! Out of all of them, the Vivitar was in the best condition. It serious looked like it had never been used! So I went and got some film for it and cant wait to shoot with it tomorrow!

I didnt edit this one actually! Well actually I did, but after comparing the two, its hard to tell the difference between the two! So I just decided to upload the unedited one.

You know what? I think it would be awesome if you told your friends and family about my blog! Please? Thank you!

Now Playing – Stuck In The Moment – Justin Bieber

Matt :D


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