super sam!

On This Day – well my dad told us this morning that we (my sister and I) that we would go with him to work today! I guess he wanted us to do math tests and stuff done at his office. It ended up being really fun! Why? Well cause we couldnt find the math test books so we pretty much just played Cashflow all day! Except for when we went to Costco for lunch!

Day 211 – Ok, so guess what?? I somehow got a day behind! I know! I was shocked too when I found out! So since I had already edited this photo today, I decided that I would just make it a project picture. Just to keep it simple. So yeah, this is Sam! basically, if you rearrange the letters of his name it spells “AWESAM!!!!” Cause Sam is just down right cool! haha

So yeah, this is the unedited version. I think the picture is pretty stinkin' awesome!

So I let Photoshop turn it into a super awesome photo for a super awesome friend! :D Thank you Photoshop!

Day 212 – this is the current day! I really dont know how I got behind. Oh well. It happens. Im just a confused person. Anyway, this is from when we played Cashflow. I think these are the rats that symbolize “rat race” I dunno. haha

I didnt want to edit this one. Cause I didnt want to spend the time. haha And I didnt want to reopen Photoshop. :P

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you!

Now Playing – Bulletproof – La Roux

Matt :D


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