first day of school

On This Day – Well judging by the title, today was my first day of school! It was awesome! There are a ton of new kids this year too. Its kinda a good/bad, sad/happy moment. Good, because that means new friend making opportunity, Bad ’cause I wont see my “old” friends. Sad, well ’cause I dont get to see my old friends as often, Happy ’cause I love em!

Day 213 – Well I started to take a few photos today, but none of them turned out very good. :( So I just went back and used last year’s group/class photo! So, there are like a ton of people in this photo so Im not even going to try and name em all.

Here is the original.

And here is the edit. I actually used this photo (I think) as the Yearbook Cover, but this one I edited in Photoshop, not iPhoto.

Hey, since I have the opportunity to share my life with a ton of new kids, why dont you share my blog to all your friends?

Now Playing – Mine – Taylor Swift

Matt :D


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