sun’s a’settin’

On This Day – well today you might consider it the first day of school at home. It went pretty well. There’s not to much work this week so I got quite a bit done today. Really the rest of the afternoon wasnt to excited. My family and I went to NYPD for dinner. It was awesome cause we had fun making fun of all the waiters that keep waiting on us! xD I think we had like three or four! haha

Day 214 – Well I took this one today on my phone on the way home from NYPD (thats New York Pizza Dept.). Its not to interesting but its all I got today.

Here's the unedited version. I dont like taking pictures through the car window. You always seem to get some weird reflection of something.

So I edited it in PS, and then cropped it in iPhoto because PS wont let me crop photos. Can someone please explain to me why?

Photoshop Project – Well my parents had a meeting this afternoon so I decided to edit a photo in Photoshop. I was going through some of the school photos I took yesterday and I saw this one of Calvin. I basically just wanted to get rid of that strange yellow/green tint. I ended up spending a bunch of time trying different things and such. At one point I decided to do something I strongly disagree in doing, Photoshopping to make someone look perfect. I did and it turned out pretty good. But Im not going to share that overly edited picture cause that’s not what Calvin looks like. haha But I will show you what moving a few dials in PS can do to a picture!

So here is the original picture. I noticed this kinda strange yellow/green tint so I wanted to PS that out.

Here is the edited version. I dont call this a "manipulated" photo because I didnt change really anything on Calvin. Just the over all color of the image. Its not like I removed his eye and put it back in a different place or something. haha

Now dont you feel like telling people about my blog? Im sure ya do!

Now Playing – I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Matt :D



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2 responses to “sun’s a’settin’

  1. How are you trying to crop? With the crop tool? Are you getting an error message or something?

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