smells like wet cat…

On This Day – well today was saturday! But I think you already knew that. Anyway I woke up and there was a box of donuts on the counter. Which is a basically the best way to start off the day. Then this afternoon my mom, sister, and I went to Trader Joe’s and Target. Now my dad is going to go fix some Carne Asada! Which is about the best way you can fix a flank steak. No seriously. I had some of this when my dad, Jeff, and I went to Mexico a few years ago. Best. Thing. Ever. Man, I kinda like blogging earlier in the day.

Day 215 – well as you can tell, my mom gave our cat another bath. She wanted to give him one before “winter” came ’round. I love his distressed look. Poor kitty, what a horrible way to wake up from a good nap in the sun.

Its pretty difficult to photograph a cat, in a sink, getting wet, without using the flash, trying to keep a low ISO, which yields slow shutter speeds, Do I make myself clear? Basically, it was hard to get his picture without it being blurry cause he ways always moving and using the flash would bleach out his thick fur coat. haha

(edited) Luckily my mom had a pretty firm grip on him, so I was able to get a few good pictures using that natural light. :)

I LOVE how it looks in black and white.

So why dont you dont do what my mom did (ie, give a cat a bath) and instead do what I want you to do and tell other about my blog!

Now Playing – Camilla – Basshunter

Matt :D



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3 responses to “smells like wet cat…

  1. HAHA I love this photo!!! Jack is awesome! Man, do you know what happens when we try to give OUR cats a bath… :O I don’t even want to talk about it.

  2. oooooo that an evil look , mine used do the same before it try to kill , excellent picture

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