well lit lamp

On This Day – well we went to church this morning. After that we spent like 20 minutes driving around looking for a Taco Bell. hahaha Then we just kinda spent the afternoon chillin. My dad wanted to go out for dinner with my Uncle Dave and his Wife (my Aunt) Theresa. We went to Macayo’s for dinner. I spent most the evening haggling to get my Uncle’s little Canon. I wanted to buy it from him just so I would have a small little camera to throw in my pocket so I wouldnt have to tot my “big” Lumix around. My Uncle said I could have it after he bought my Aunt a new one. So….for now, I will have to carry my Lumix around.

Day 216 – Well I saw this lamppost outside Macayo’s. I thought it was pretty awesome!

Well I wanted to try and position the camera so I wouldnt get an annoying light in the background. Sadly, any angle I took it from there was some distracting object in the background.

So I Photoshopped it out. Hopefully you don think thats super manipulated, because I thought the little light in the background was distracting from the main focal point.

Please tell your friends about me blog! It would greatly appreciated!!!

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Matt :D



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2 responses to “well lit lamp

  1. Ooh! The dragon lamps! I know where those are! Those are the coolest lamps! :D

  2. No, that’s so not photoshopped… I’ve done much more intensive photshop jobs on P365 photos! I think I like the colored one a little better – The green really pops.

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