Look at me!! Im a Who! A what? A who! Who? A Who! Bless you. DOH!

On This Day – Happy Labor Day everyone!!!! Ive never really quite grasped the idea of Labor Day. The word labor means like work right? Yet on “Labor” Day, We dont work. Hmm. So if we were to, lets say, have a Lazy Day, would we have to work doubly as hard as any other day? This haunts me. Basically nothing happened. I went to Chick Fil A for lunch. Came home and talked to Sam on Skype and now it looks like we are are going to go see a movie. Dont know which one though.

Day 217- well while I was talking to Sam, I saw one of my Mom’s hair-clips and my sister’s glasses sitting next to the computer. I decided to try them on. Yeah, Im pretty weird. :P

I took this one with the little iCam thingy on the Mac. Didnt do any editing to it cause I didnt really feel like editing it.

Guess Who? Who? Its Who! Who? Who. Who’s Who? Me. Your Who? Thats right. Your confusing me. Psh. Whatever. Just tell your friends about my blog! K? Thank You!

Now Playing – NOTHING! Im not listening to music right now. Lets name sounds. A cricket chirping, the hum of the refrigerator, my Mom’s voice talking to my brother and dad, the Air Conditioner running, the sound of me typing this….

Matt :D



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3 responses to “Look at me!! Im a Who! A what? A who! Who? A Who! Bless you. DOH!

  1. ok how is this supposedto mean?

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