putting up with all these heirs

On This Day – Well I had gotten most of my school work done so I didnt have much to do this morning. After I got that done I got ready for MoezArt!!!!!! Just another one of those fantastic days! I got my “ray gun” which was basically a squirt gun, filled it up with water, and started blasting ever one to bits!!!!! Oh yeah!!!! Mayhem’s here!!

Day 218 – Yup! The MoezArt Clan! Sadly, Daniel and Jonathan were sick! It was a bummer they werent in class today. :( Get better guys!

I wish the sky hadnt been blown way out. It was really a pretty sky. Oh well. The photo is what is really cool! :D

So I went into PS and decided to do this. I think its kind of a common thing people do in PS but I decided to try it. Its harder then it looks! And I think I might have made a few mistakes but Im not gonna tell you where to look. :P

Well since Im putting up with all these heirs, why dont you put this up on your Twitter? Your Facebook? Your blog? In an email? Please? Thank You!

Now Playing – Keep The Party Alive – Family Force 5

Matt :D


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  1. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

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