Zack Attack!!!

On This Day – well today my sister, Julie had like Biology this morning, so naturally my dad and I went out for breakfast!  We went to Chompie’s! After that I went with him to his office to do school. Then we went to Costco for lunch. And guess what!?! The Costco by his work develops film!!!! :D And its like only 4 bucks!!! So its super cheap!! :D After that we came home to pick up my sister and then we all went back to his office and played a mean game of Cashflow.

Day 219 – Well remember how last week I didnt have a picture of Zach to upload and how I felt kinda bad that he didnt get blogged? Well today is his lucky day! I forgot that I had taken this photo on my phone yesterday.

How did I take this photo? Well see I was bored on day so I decided to poke a hole through the battery cover. Well when I take that battery cover off and put it over the "lens" over the "camera" I get this cool "pin-hole" look.

I decided to edit it in PS (thats Photoshop in case you were wondering). Yeah! I think its a pretty cool photo!

So there you have it Zack, an entire blog post dedicated to you. Feel honored!

Now dont you want everyone to see Zack’s pretty face? Tell your friends about my blog! Thank you!

Now Playing – Round And Round – Selena Gomez

Matt :D


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