reach for the clouds!

On This Day – Well today we had school (like the real thing!). My dad came and picked us up today and took us out to lunch!! Now Im at home. I guess later tonight I am going to talk to my CollegePlus guy. Like I think he is my coach!! Hooray!! So thats why I wanted to blog early. For some reason I dont like blogging this early in the day, because Im worried I might miss a cool sunset or some other photo opportunity might arise and wouldnt be able to blog about it. haha, well I could but it wouldnt be for Project 365.

Day 220 – Well while we were on break, someone had brought a frisbee. It was a great time to try a little “action” photography. How ever action-ious frisbee can get. :P

So as you can tell, I was standing behind Logan as he caught the frisbee. Pretty cool shot no? Its like he's reaching for the sky!!

I didnt want to do to much editing because it really didnt need much.

This is a stick up! Tell your friends, family, and foes about my blog or else!!!!!

Now Playing – Mine – Taylor Swift :D

Matt :D


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  1. I actually like the unedited one better. Hmm.

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