a host of celebrations!

Sorry I didnt blog the other night guys! I had a super duper big day today and I wanted to be well rested. :D

On Day 221 – Well yesterday was a busy day. Lets see, we went to “The Basement” to pick out some costume for our characters in the play, came home and did a bit of school, then after that my sister and I went down to Scottsdale Bible Church to help set up for the “Do Hard Things” Conference, and after that we went to OrangeLeaf to celebrate Michelle’s 18th Birthday!! :D

At OrangeLeaf!!! Michelle is in the middle, Kate is the left, and thats my mommy!!! haha just kidding, but shes my mom in the play, her name is Courtney. I think. I feel stupid when I forget peoples names. :P

And here is the edited version. :D

Day 222 – Holy Moly. Ok so like my sister and I woke up at 6 to go down to Scottsdale Bible to finish setting up a few things for Do Hard Things Conference (DHT). WOW!!!!! I havent heard anything like that for a looong time! It was truly amazing!!!!! Words seriously, cannot describe how amazing this thing was!!! I think 118 people came to know the Lord today!!! :D Sure Im beat. Tired. Worn out. Feet hurt. Kinda achey. But it was alll worth it!! And you know what? If they asked me to do it again tomorrow, I wouldnt give it a second thought, heck, I wouldnt even think about it, Id say (while jumping up and down) “YES!!!!!”

I really didnt want to edit this picture. Just didnt feel like it and I think it speaks for itself. All these preteens, teens, young adults, and adults, came to hear this message. I think there were like 1100-1200 people there!!!! AMAZING!!!! :D

Please tell your friends about my blog!!! Thank you!

Now Playing – Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz

Matt :D


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