grander sunset

On This Day – Sorry I didnt blog last night. I was seriously tired from the weekend and I didnt have the energies to sit down and edit and upload a photo. So yeah, we went church, came home and watched football and then went to the Worldview meeting at my teacher’s house.

Day 223 – Well, The days are getting shorter, the nights are surprisingly cool (like 70-80 degrees), and the sunsets are better! No seriously. For some reason the sunsets here seem to be better in the cooler months. I dont know why, or maybe its just my mind…playing mind games. :P

here is the unedited. No seriously. All I did was set the camera in "Sunset" Mode, and took the picture with "Exposure Compensation" Set at -2/3.

And here's the edited version. For some reason (maybe I moved a dial or something) it got a little less contrast-y, even though I didnt change the contrast. I dunno. But I did edit out all the lights.

Wontchya tellya friendza about my bloga? Thankya!

Ill do today’s picture in another blog post!

Now Playing – Tik Tok – Ke$ha

Matt :D



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3 responses to “grander sunset

  1. ooh pretty! …I can’t tell the difference between them… (Except the lights.) Anyways, very cool. But is it just me, or did you take it through a window?

  2. Bethany

    woops sorry… I didn’t mean to dislike it… lol. but cool picture! I kinda think i actually like the darkness and depth of the unedited better but both are great! :)

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