On This Day – well today was Moezart!!! Fun! fUn! fuN! :D After that we went to dinner with Daniel, Jonathan, David, my mom, Daniel and Jonathan’s mom, me, and my sister!

Day 225 – Ok so as you know, I cant help but not upload more then one photo for P365 because I dont want to make my friends feel bad if I just pick one. If that makes since?

This is when everyone realized "mom" has a "will" and they all went running looking for it.

I love Daniel and I love photographing during sunset! :D

And here is the edited! I learned how to crop in PS today! :D

David is refilling his drink. WOW!

So I turned it into a black and white silhouette.

So this image pretty much turned out perfect. So i decided to edit it. But the difference between the two was minuscule that I just decided to show you the edited.

And thats a wrap! So why dont you go and tell your friends about my blog? Thank you! :D

Now Playing – My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

Matt :D


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