On This Day – Well today was school day! Yup! And my sister, Julie, was sick! So it was up to me to make sure I got all the work written down…or else…well heads will roll. ;) After that we (my mom and I) came home and I did some CollegePlus stuff and now Im blogging!

Photo Tip – Ok, so this wont be a thing you’ll see very often but I just wanted to give yall a tip for using your camera. So the picture you see below was the only one that was in-focus. Now when I was taking these few photos I did not know that I had left my camera on “Spot Focusing.” Which basically means the camera focuses in on the center of the picture. Well guess what? When the subject you might be shooting is off to the side, the camera focuses on the object in the center of the frame. Low-and-behold, your subject is most likely out-of-focus. Which is what happened to me today. So of course, most of the photos I got of Calvin, are blurry. So, my suggestion is, make sure you dont have your camera on “Spot Focusing” when shooting objects that are off center! (drrrr….)

And that concludes today’s photo tip! Now for the pictures.

Day 227 – So Calvin needed some help finding his football that his younger brother had lost the other week. Well I told him I needed a picture for today and luckily he agreed! :D

Yes! This is in fact the SOOC picture! I think it turned out really good! :D (best viewed large)

And here is the edited. I was editing the color one and I didnt like it. So of course, Black and White can always fix that! :D (best viewed large)

Yup! Well now that youve seen Calvin why dont you let other people bask in his glory by telling other people about my blog?

Now Playing – SOS – Rihanna

Matt :D



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3 responses to “calvin!

  1. christian

    Hey Matt! what happened to those pics we took at Daniel’s party you know the ones that were in film!

  2. Very nice site! [url=]is it yours too[/url]

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