mama mia!

On This Day – well today I did school, at home. After that I procrastinated on cleaning my room. After a few hours of that I finally did it. It was worth it!!! I can see my floor and my dresser and my nightstand and so much more! :D Earlier this week my grandpa had called and said he wanted to take us out to dinner. Maggiano’s! Yes! Super good italian food served there my friend. Super good.

Day 228 – I wish I would have brought my camera. But alas, I didnt. So I had to use my phone. These were the super cool chandeliers/lights at Maggiano’s!

Unedited. Not bad but so dang grainy!

I swear, Black and White makes even cellphone pictures look good! ;)

Hey you! Yeah you! All of you! Yes, you too. You should tell people about my blog! Yeahyeah! Please and Thank you!

Now Playing – Animal – Neon Trees

Matt :D



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3 responses to “mama mia!

  1. I love those lamps I want them in my room!! :D

  2. Bethany

    I seriously love this!

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