lake louise

On This Day – Well today my family and I went and met the Harned’s for lunch at Chompie’s!!! Which was pretty stinkin’ awesome!! After that we came home and have done nothing. I love lazy days. :)

Day 229 – well I did take a few photos from lunch today but sadly my camera and I were not one today. I now know that if it decides to use any ISO above 80 while photographing in bright sunlight, that the picture quality is pretty much ruined. I know right?!? I was kinda shocked too! But its true! I swear! So now that I know that, Ill be sure to make sure that its set at ISO 80 when photographing in direct sunlight. Hey! There’s another photo tip! Your welcome. :)

This is Lake Louise in Banff Canada! Probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! Oh and this picture was taken on the old Olympus. Sadly, that camera took a nasty fall on this trip and now doesnt perform that well. :( Pity, because it was a really good camera!! (SOOC image above)

So I edited in PS of course. Just did basic stuff, changed the curve a little, contrast, brightness, stuff like that.

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you very much!!

Now Playing – Forever – Chris Brown – I forgot I had Pandora!! So now Ive been listening to it! :D

Matt :D


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  1. gonna send this to my mom

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