Harvest Moon…An Arizona Failure

On This Day – Well if you havent noticed, Wednesday is the day my sister and I go in with my dad to his office to do school. I have to say, I am really sick of all this school. Between CollegePlus, Mrs Fritz school, math, and Moezart….Well Im about to explode!!! D: Grrrr. And to top that all off, this evening was suppose to be a “Super Harvest Moon” and of course, there was overcast. Of all the days mother nature decides that Arizona should be cloudy would be the day of the Super Harvest Moon. Thank you mother nature. :P

Day 233 – So I was “hoping” that I could see the the moon rise of the mountains but of course thats where all the clouds were. :P Figures. I even got up on the roof to get the picture!!! Huh. Oh well. At least I found a good place to get pictures of sunsets and stuff.

So here was the sunset tonight. Even that wasnt to good. :(

So I decided to let PS save my life and give it more color.

So one thing did come from those clouds. RAIN!!!! Yes, in Arizona when it rains the city goes out and runs around! Its the one of the few times we are all united for one cause. (P.S. this was taken on my phone)

So if you cant tell Im pretty bummed about not being about to see the Super Harvest Moon. So if you could please tell my other people about my blog that might ease the pain. Thank You!

Now Playing – The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls

Matt :(


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