Harvest Moon…A Second Chance

On This Day – Well today I had actually school! Haha Hurray! After that I came home and finished up some stuff for CollegePlus and then had a phone call with my CollegePlus Coach. Which was cool! After I finished that I was hoping that I might see the moon. I thought that since yesterday was the “Super Harvest Moon” that maybe there would be a “Harvest Moon” tonight. Low-and-behold, there was!!! So I got up on the roof and took a few photographs of that.

Day 234 – well Ive got a few photos to show you guys! Let’s start out with the moon!

Original. I have no idea why it was so grainy. I thought I had it set on ISO 400, which usually there isnt to much noise. Oh well.

Edit. So i edited out the weird lights and reduced the grain. Well I think I reduced it but it doesnt look much different. lol

Here's a close up of the moon. Thats full tele zoom (18x, 486mm) on manual.

And just for fun, I decided to edit a picture of Calvin. haha I think I need to start photographing the class more. haha But Calvin is so photographic! haha!

And I just wanted to upload a portrait because I love portrait so much! haha I PSed this one quite a bit but it didnt take long! Im getting better and faster! :D

Well now that I have a decent picture of a Harvest Moon, why dont you show it to other people? Please and Thank you! :)

Now Playing – Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift

Matt :D



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5 responses to “Harvest Moon…A Second Chance

  1. That’s a good portrait. I wish I had PS to do stuff like that!

  2. Whenever you take photos at that low light you’re going to get grain unless you’re at ISO 200 or something.
    Nice portrait! I mean, it’s amazing! Great composition, and great editing with the focus blur. Although, you might have tried not to get the trashcan in there – It’s a bit distracting. You could move it, or just edit it out in PS. Or at least just make it less green. :) Other then that it’s like, perfect!

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