One of my fellow blog readers left a comment on my last post about the portrait of Calvin. He said that the trashcan in the background was rather distracted and either should have been moved, or Photoshopped out. Now when I took this picture, I didnt see the trashcan in the background. So I really couldnt have moved it. Then when I photoshopped the image, I noticed it more but didnt think it was that big of deal. You know how sometimes you say something, write something, etc, and it sounds good, but then when you go back and read over it again it doesnt sound so good? Well that’s how I started to feel about the picture. After I blogged it, I regretted not editing out the trashcan. But it was to late! I didnt want to edit the posting because people had already seen the picture. So I decided that I would make another blog post of the newly edited picture of Calvin! :D

So here is the original. Pretty decent photograph if I do say so myself.

And then here is the edited. With the trashcan in the background still.

Tah-Dah!!!! Here is the edited version without the trashcan in the background!!! I tried the erase tool but all that did was screw it up. So I had to use the paint tool and paint it white!!! Luckily that part of the photo was already pretty bleached out so you really dont notice it!

Of course, of all the photos that looks AMAZING in black and white, its the one photo I did not black and white. Silly me.

And that’s that. I personally love when someone critics my photos!!! It better helps me understand how to edit better and how to compose better! So if you ever notice something in one of my photos that doesnt suit your fancy, please! Leave a comment! Email me! Twitter me! Do whatever! It helps me become a better photographer! And if I dont get a comment or anything on a post, then I think the picture is perfect and that everyone likes it. Like I said, if you think I should have done something different to a photo, wether it be in editing, or taking of the photo, please tell me! I wanna try my best to make my blog readers happy! You’re the ones viewing the photos. What I do is really for you! :D

So tell me your thoughts! I’d love to hear from YOU!!!

Matt :D

(PS, this isny my P365 pic)



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6 responses to “calvin…redone!

  1. Amazing! :D Aren’t you glad you took my advice and took out the trashcan? I can’t decide if I like the color, or the b&w better… The colors in his skin-tones make the colored one really pop. But the b&w one moves the focus to his eyes, which really makes the photo come alive.

  2. Oh, and btw – The eraser tool erases to whatever color is set as the background color when on the BG layer, and when on another layer it erases to transparent. :) Hope that helps.

  3. Assolutamente d’accordo con lei. Credo che sia una buona idea. Sono d’accordo con te.
    Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. Ritengo che questa sia un’ottima idea. Sono d’accordo con te.

    Italian to English

    Absolutely agree with you. I think it’s a good idea. I agree with you.
    I fully share his view. I think this is a great idea. I agree with you.

  4. I like them both- the first has more of a documentary feel to it- which makes him and the place he is in feel very real.
    the edited one feels studio-y. :)

  5. yeah my dad will like this

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