vast open spaces

On This Day – Well I did some school this morning. Which was mainly my morning. Then this afternoon we went to some people’s house who went to the Do Hard Things Conference. I totally forgot their name, which is pathetic, but it happens. haha Anyway, the parents talked while we kids played Monopoly Here and Now. Wow! Monopoly has really…updated! haha Like instead of paper money, we used credit cards! And everything we bought was in the millions of dollars! Crazy! Right now my sister has a few of her friends over and they are swimming and talking, and by talking I mean two or three and then a lot of giggles. :P

Day 235 – well sadly I didnt get any pictures today. :( So I went back and looked through some of my first photographs! This is one of them. It’s when I went camping at Del Shea. This was the view from where we had parked the cars!

Im sure when I took this picture the camera was on Intelligent Auto.I was so ignorant and naive back then. ;)

Well I didnt want to spend a bunch of time editing. Just didnt feel like it. So this one was edited fairly basically.

Please tell your friends about my blog!!! Thank you verrrry much!!! :D

Now Playing – Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

Matt :D


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