streaking! no, its not what your thinking

On This Day – It’s Monday. What can I say. So I did school. Yeah. I had math this afternoon. Which went as well as math can go. Now we are watching (well Im not) the football game with my grandpa. I decided that I blog. I find that way more enjoyable. Its not that I dont like football, its just I cant stand sitting in front of the TV for four hours. I’d rather spend four hours editing photos. haha

On This Day – So I blame school for my lack of inspiration. No, I dont have Photographer’s Block right now, but its just I dont have much time to photograph now. :( I know. Its depressing. So this is a photo I took last night of Freestone Park’s lake.

The unedited version. Im pretty sure I used a one second exposure, f3.6, and ISO 80.

haha GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!? This is the same exact photo.....EDITED!!!!!!!! Holy moly!!!! These are best viewed large because you can see all the details!

Well thats this blog posting! Please tell other people about my blog!!! Thank you very mucho!!!

You blog readers wanted Star Rating Graph thing so, your wish is my command!

You can now rate by Stars! I made em red ’cause thats my favorite color! :D

Now Playing – Two More Lonely People – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D



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5 responses to “streaking! no, its not what your thinking

  1. i love it!! It’s so wonderfull and abstract and fibreous!! I want to put it as my desktop background! :)

  2. Sarah

    Matt! i really want this picture for my phone background!!! but also i’m very surprised you didn’t do it in b&w ;P

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