my superhero!

On This Day – Well today was Tuesday. If you didnt know that…well then you probably have bigger problems then just not knowing what the day is. Anyway, I did some school this morning. Which went as well as school can go. Then I started getting ready for MoezArt today!!! Right before I left I checked my Twitter because Ive been dying to get #newtwitter. Guess what?!?! I got #newtwitter today!!!! :D Im so happy! And if your not following me on Twitter….Well whats your problem!?! If you have Twitter, follow me! Leave me an @reply! :D My Twitter! Oh and MoezArt  went really well today! We went through Act 1, twice today!!

Day 239 – This here, is Colin. If you dont know him, you my friend, are sadly deprived of some awesome human existence. haha Yeah! Colin is pretty awesome and really funnah!

Real Men. Wear Purple. Yeah this is the unedited.

I forgot to save the color edit, so you're going to have to deal with the black and white version. Which is really the best version. haha

And this is all the Heirs Cast....In Costume!!! Everyone looks fantastico!

And thats a wrap folks!! Please tell your friends, family, and foes, about my blog!! Thank you very much! :)

Now Playing – Dynamite – Taio Cruz

Matt :D



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8 responses to “my superhero!

  1. Colin

    Truly magnificent haven’t seen anything better

  2. Colin

    No but he truly is a handsome fellow. No?

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