a rising moon

On This Day – First of all I should say that my last blog post “my superhero!” Will make more sense next Tuesday. Haha Anyway, so today my sister and I went with my dad to his office to do school. Whoopee. For lunch, my dad took us to In-N-Out and I got a free milkshake! haha No really! I paid for just one but the guy gave me two!!! Pretty awesome deal I’d say. So yeah.

Day 240 – well I didnt get any pictures today. I wish I would have had my camera though! Because I saw a bird hanging upside-down in a branch this afternoon! It was cool! :D Oh well. I took this picture a couple days ago when the moon was rising. I thought it looked really cool with the clouds and everyhthing.

This isnt even edited. I just dragged it from the camera and yeah! Thats it. It probably could have used it, but I didnt want too!

Please tell your friends, family, and foes about my blog! Thank you very much!

Now Playing – You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Matt :D


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  1. i can has cheeseburger?

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