Oh The Humanity! Woes of a Photographer – Coveting New Gear

We photographers are ALWAYS envying for new gear. Leica comes outs with a new camera, we drool all over it. Canon unveils the 60D. I need one. NOW! Nikon…wait, Nikon is the devil. ;) But after reading something in the Nikon Learn and Explore App, I had a revelation!

So here are my thoughts, from one photographer to another. See, I have been looking into getting a DSLR. Why? Well isnt it obvious? They are a lot better the point n shoots, which is what I have. Well the other day I was reading something that I never really thought of in that way. I was reading in the “Nikon Learn and Explore” app and was reading about “The Little Camera That Can” by Sam Garcia. He said he is a professional photographer but he shoots with a lot of the Nikon COOLPIX cameras. He likes them because they are small, light, easy-to-use, and take decent pictures (even though Im a Canon/Lumix guy, this App is really handy and provides a lot of tips). Anyway, he said something that I couldnt help but agree with. He said, “I realize there are things the COOLPIX (and all other point and shoots) dont do…I liked when I quit worrying about what the little cameras couldnt do and started concentrating what they could do.” I couldnt help but agree! I realize that even though I have a point n shoot, I have one of the best! And I shouldnt focus on what it cant do, but what it CAN DO! I looked at my camera and realized that I have got a FANTASTIC camera! So thats what Im going to start focusing on. Instead of looking at what my camera fails to do, I should look at what it excels at, and amplify that! Use it in ways I never imagined! So I thought I would provide a helpful tip for yall. Even though it would be nice to start shooting with a DSLR, It’ll just have to wait. Well I hope I have enlightened you in some way!!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please tell your friends! :)

Matt :D


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