there goes the sun…

On This Day – well today we came home from the mountains. :( Bummer. I miss the cool, fall weather already! So yeah, I came home today and as soon as I got home I had to do math, collegeplus, and other school. Grrrr! I am so sick of school! Its like it has completely taken over my life!!! I need a break! Im so looking forward to the end of this month! Why? Because we are going to Oregon!!! Yup. So hopefully I’ll get some good pictures there. Oh, and I should mention that it rained today!!! :D

Day 245 – well I did get a few pictures today, but they were terrible! So I’ll just show you this one that I got yesterday!

So here is the original. I thought it turned out really good! But I felt like editing again some so...

...I did!! I like how its all warm n'stuff. Ya know?

Thank you very much for looking at my blog!! Please tell your friends and family!! Thanks a bunch!

Now Playing – Naturally – Selena Gomez – I cant find my earphones!!! D: Its terrible I know! So Im having to use my big ones that I dont like to much because they begin to hurt after wearing them for awhile.

Matt :D


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  1. I love it!!! That’s awesome! You did a marvelous photoshop job, too!! I gotta post some pics, I’m a *tad* bit behind :P

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