just let the rain fall down

On This Day – to start things off, it has been raining mostly all day!! Which is so nice! I love the rain! Anyway, today was Moezart day, so obviously it was fun filled! But as usually school always ruins fun. Oh well. :(

Day 246 – I love the rain sooo much!!! If you lived in Arizona, rain is like…like more valuable then gold! haha Its the only time native Arizonians are united. To protect and serve the rain. haha

Its hard to get a good picture of the rain on a pool. haha Specially since I dont wanna get my camera wet!! Bad juju right!

So when editing I wanted to try and bring out the definition of the raindrops ripples.

Hmmm, I seem to be doing a lot of Black and Whites. Well they are my favorite and Im trying to make my black and whites better!

Well please spread the rain around and tell your friends about my blog!!! Please and thank you!!! :D

Now Playing –  American Idiot – Green Day

Matt :D



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3 responses to “just let the rain fall down

  1. Stuart

    Rain is amazingness!

  2. caitlinmuir

    GREAT job!

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