Guess Who??? (P.S. I Love Photoshop)

On This Day – well today was the official school day. It went pretty well accept that my friend Austin and I keep trying to do school pictures and we keep running out of time. haha Oh well. After that we came home and I finished up a bit of CollegePlus and then had my coaching call with my CollegePlus Coach. haha Now Im blogging and I want to finish up quickly because Im hungry.

Day 248 – Guess Who? Yup! It’s Calvin!!!!! haha! He seems to be a regular Project picture. Why? Cause he’s awesome, first of all, and secondly because I hang out with him a lot at school. So I tend to get a few pictures of him! :D

Oh man. This picture turned out like crap. haha I was hoping that Photoshop would be able to salvage it...

...Wow! I think Photoshop (IE, ME!!) Fixed it!! I love Photoshop. haha

I didnt just love the color one, so I tried it in Black n White.

Please tell your friends about my blog!! :D Thank you berry berry much!!!

Now Playing – A Year Without Rain – Selena Gomez

(A very hungry) Matt :D



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2 responses to “Guess Who??? (P.S. I Love Photoshop)

  1. Sarah

    Matt!!!!! you take too many pictures of Calvin! :P you should have pics of other people… like meeeeeeee! and sam!! we should have family picture!!!! :D

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