end of the tunnel

On This Day – did some school today. But thats expected. But today my brother left for Mexico! He’s going down there on a mission trip to build houses!! So yeah! I dont know how long he’ll be gone. haha Then we had my grandpa over for dinner because he had just gotten back from his trip all over the Midwest. Yup. That was my day. How was your’s?

Day 249 – Well I didnt get a picture today. :( I know. Its pretty depressing. So I just decided to upload one from when we went to Colorado. This is when we went on are bike ride along the river. It was a really nice and relaxing ride! And I remember seeing an old guy with an old Canon film DSLR. It even had 50mm lens!!! It was really cool. Isnt it funny how we remember little things like that? But forget the really big or important things. haha

The original. Its rather difficult riding a bike and taking pictures. You either run the risk of falling over (or going over the edge, running into/over people, etc) because you're so focused on taking pictures, or you focus on your safety and well-being (psh! Who cares?) and all your pictures turn out blurring. haha

And here is the edit. Took me a few minutes in Photoshop. Didnt do to much to it.

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please tell your friends and family! :D

Now Playing – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher (have I already posted this song? Seems as though I have. I dunno. Ive been listening to Pandora a lot.)

Matt :D


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  1. ooh! I really like what you did with this one! Love the vignette feel :)

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