flare-ful cat

On This Day – Well today went pretty well! I compromised my morning to go and do a video for Vonda again. It went really well! And the best part about it, one of the ladies there had a Canon Rebel T1i!! She even let me shoot some photographs with it!!! After using it, its defiantly the camera I want to purchase for a DSLR (or as I call them disslers. hehe). It was a fantastic camera!! I am going as her to send the pictures to me so I can show you some of them. Anyway, I got home from that and did nothing really productive. As of now, my mom, dad, and sister all went out to see a movie. I didnt want to see it because it was about a horse. I forgot the name. haha

Day 250 – well yet again, I didnt take any photos on my camera today. I took some on that dissler but since it wasnt mine I didnt get the pictures. Yet. Ill ask if she can send them to me. So anyway, I just went back and looked for a picture of our cat.

Here is the original. I love the lens flare!!!!

Since this was one of my first few photos taken with my camera, it was probably taken on iA (intelligent auto) So it needed some PSing.

Just felt like a black and white image. haha

Thank you for checking out my blog!!! Please be sure to tell your friends about it!! Thank you! :)

Now Playing – California Gurls – Katy Perry

Matt :D


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