I love these guys!!

On This Day – well today was Moezart! So of course it was awesome! :D Sadly, Miss Julie was sick so we had a sub, Tori! She did a good job for a sub I guess. haha But after Moezart was just as awesome!! Why? Well because we went to dinner with Daniel, Jonathan, and then David joined a little later!!! :D I love these guys!! They’re just down right amazingly awesome! :D

Day 253 – well since we were in a restaurant, the little was poor, and white balance had a little trouble, but it still turned out pretty good! Except for the light coming through the window kinda blew out the picture. :(

The unedited image. Paradise Bakery had these chairs so we decided to sit in them and eat dinner!

Well since it didnt turn out to good, Black and White always fixes that. haha

And I didnt get a good picture of David, so he didnt get into the post. :( Sorry David!

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you! :)

Now Playing – Stay – Miley Cyrus – I would like to say that I have found a few more Miley Cyrus fans!!! I think I know four now? Yeah! :D

Matt :D


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