high in the sky

On This Day – well today my sister and I went with my dad to his office. Did some school there. And thats really been my whole day. Yeah wasnt to exciting. But I am sooooooo excited for tomorrow! :D :D Anyway, how was your day?

Day 254 – well since I was at my dad’s office today, I didnt get any photos. So, I used this one that I took yesterday.

This is the original. It got this weird vignette, but I dont care. I like vignette!

Yeah so once I started editing it, the vignette in the corner...grew. Huh. And I did not wanna spend the time editing it out...

...So I added a vignette to both sides. I think it over powers the image a little, but I still like it! Its really simple nstuff.

Please tell your friends about my blog!! Thank you!!! :)

Now Playing – No Surprise – Daughtry

Matt :D



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2 responses to “high in the sky

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