Dandy Daisies

(Friday’s Posting)

On This Day – today was just a rather boring, not very interesting day. We sleep till about noon, which was really nice and then just kinda dragged our feet around all day. I should say that I FINALLY used up my first roll of film. That’s right. Its been in my camera for a few months now and I was getting sick of it being in there. So I used it up on some of the fall colors up here in the mountains (what little there is). Oh, and I should mention that we celebrated my Grandpa’s birthday today!

Day 256 – Well today was a rather photographic day. I just love flowers! My favorites would have to be Daisies though! They are the happiest, most friendliest, of all the flowers! I mean seriously. Whenever you see Daisy do you think, “Oh its just another silly flower.” or are you like me and think, “Oh boy! Look at the little Daisy! I want to pick it! Its so happy and friendly looking!” So yeah. I love Daisies. For such a simple flower, they bring so much joy to me!

Unedited - See doesn't that make you happy?

Edited - Doesn't that make you happier? Haha!

Unedited - well this one is a little ban. But its a Dandelion!!

Edited - So much better! Quick! Blow in it and make a wish! :D

Why not? Black and whites are cool.

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you very mucho!

Now Playing – still not listening to any music.

Matt :D




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2 responses to “Dandy Daisies

  1. Elliott

    I love this photo. I wish I had taken it haha ;)

  2. Elliott

    (The middle dandilion! I think the color version works better, cause you get a better feeling of the depth then in the B&W one. )

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