FaNtAsTiC sAm!!!!

Hey Yall! Sorry I havent blogged in a few days. I was up in the mountains and we didnt have internet access!

(Thursday’s Posting)

On This Day – well today was pretty much epic! Why? Well because Sam came to class today!!! Well he didn’t come “to” class, he came after class. But still! I got to see him for like 45 minutes or something!!! It was awesome!!! I miss seeing him so much. :( Well after school we left to go up to the mountains. Its sooo nice up here! Like, its perfect!! :D

Day 255 – Well since the highlight of my day was seeing Sam, his picture is the official (how’s that feel Sam? Being official. mmhmm) 365 picture!

Unedited - Since we were in the kiddy room, the lighting and wall colors were seriously messing up the white balance!

Edit - Last year in class, Sam drew a picture of Lady Gaga and hung it in the Kiddy Room at the church. So this year he wanted to draw me. This is Sam admiring his subject (IE me) trying his hardest to recreate how I look.

Calvin - Wwhhaaat?? He's like a regular on the blog now. I had to include a picture of him. haha ;)

And this is the more photographic thing I took today. No editing done to it! :D

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you very much!

Now Playing – not listening to any music right now! :O

Matt :D



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