not so sunny flower

On This Day – well today was Monday. You know, I think we really should change “Monday” to “Mundane.” Its such a boring day. And its the beginning of the week! UGH! So yeah, today was pretty dull. All I did was school and then this afternoon, my math tutor stayed a long time to, uhhh, “help” me understand my math better. Well basically its because I failed my math test. Yeah. :P

Day 259 – Well since it was a mundane day, I didnt have much time for photographing. So I will just use this one! I took while up in the mountains. My mom and I walked down to the Dollar General to get some stuff and I decided to pick this sunflower! As we walked by the pond, I threw it in there. I thought it was really cool how it floated on the top n’stuff!

I thought the unedited turned out really well!

Just did a basic edit on this photo. Didnt want to go crazy or nothin.


Please tell your friends about my blog!! Thank you!

Now Playing – Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

Matt :D



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5 responses to “not so sunny flower

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  2. Hi! :) Is it OK if I ask something kinda off topic? I’m trying to view this page on my new iPad but it won’t show up properly, do you have any solutions? Should I try and find an update for my software or something? Thanks in advance! Jennine x :)

    • Hey! I would suggest maybe turning off the mobile website. You can do so at the bottom of the web page! it would then just load the regular website as if you were viewing it on a computer.
      Hope that helps!

      Matt :D

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