A Forein-heir

On This Day – Well today was a lot better! Because today is Moezart day!! Yup! So today was pretty awesome!

Day 260 – Well, haha, this is a pretty corny picture. Usually Michelle poses perfectly for a picture! But I think, no, Im sure she was just joking around! But! I think it captures the personality of Michelle and anyone in Moezart! :D

The original was kinda weirdly colored. I dont know why my camera does this. But it just does.

But as usual Photoshop can take away a funny tint! :D

I was experimenting with a new technique on changing colored pictures to black and white ones. Instead of using the "Black and White" converter thing. You "throw away" the colors. Basically all you do is go up to "image" select "Mode" click "Grayscale" and basically it throws away the color and keeps all the definition nstuff! Then you just edit with the curve, levels, etc. So that how I did BW with this photo!

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please Tweet, Facebook, Email, or whatever you do to share my blog to the world!! Thank you very much! :)

Now Playing – Cant Be Tamed – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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  1. Christian

    The tree right on top of Daniel’s head is a wee bit distracting for me, especially on the black and white. It kinda forms a little white ring between his hair and the tree :D

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