A Broken Sphinx

On This Day – Well today we went in with my dad to his office. It was a rather busy day in school today. Luckily I got it all done in time for a math test. BLAH!!! I do not like math what-so-ever!! Oh but I should mention that we stopped by Costco and dropped off my first roll of film to be developed!! Did I ever mention that? Yeah, over the weekend I finished using up a roll of film thats been in the Chinon for a while. So I can hardly wait to see what my pictures look like! :D

Anyway, I would also like to say, I think I have Photographer’s Block again. I cant seem to find any motivation or inspiration to go out and take photos!! D: Im kinda sick of sunsets and flowers for pictures. I want something new! Grrr. I partially blame school for my lack of motivation. Why? Well because I spend most of my day doing school so I cant go out and photograph! Im really looking forward to going to Oregon in a few weeks! Hopefully Ill get some good pictures there and find my missing inspiration. So please just hang in there while I get myself out of this rut.

Day 261 – I actually kinda like this picture. First of all, it was taken on my mom’s icky Fujifilm. I decided I was going to start carrying it around just so I have a camera with me. Granted its not the best, but it takes better pictures then my cell phone. And hey, if I dont have a camera with me, Im no longer a photographer! :O

So this picture was taken on the floor at ISO 800 and a shutter speed of 1/4 a second. The camera has a crappy aperture, f3.7! YUCK!!

Personally, I really like the graininess of the image. It makes it feel really vintage nstuff.

Just experimenting with a black and white. Are you getting sick of black and whites? I dont know how you could. haha

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please tell your friends!

Now Playing – Start All Over – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D



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2 responses to “A Broken Sphinx

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  2. Elliott

    I hear you… I haven’t taken any photos for weeks :P I took some yesterday, though! Now that I have an iPhone 4, too, I could just use that for quick pics. :)

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