Cuddly Cactus

On This Day – Well today was better then I thought! I was really bummed that Calvin wasnt going to be at school today. Which was utterly depressing! So instead I sat next to Lane! I thought I probably wouldnt talk to her much, well I was wrong! haha! Then after that I came home and watched MythBusters! Finally got to see the two episodes I missed! Now Im waiting to talk to my CollegePlus Coach and then going to watch some show about Gothic Architecture. Im a bit of a nerd and kinda enjoy those kind of shows.

Day 262 – Hmmm, Can you tell what camera I took this with? Well you probably wont be able to guess because I used a camera Ive never used before. Its our old Oylmpus Stylus 1000! I remember it being a pretty good camera, and it was! I do have to say though, that it has HORRIBLE (and I mean horrible) ISO performance. Bummer. Oh, and the interesting thing is, is that it has a larger sensor then my camera!! :O I know! I freaked out too! haha

Yeah, thats SOOC. I thought it was really really good for a little Pointy! (point n shoot)

Didnt edit it in color, just converted it to a black and white. And in case you were wondering, this was taken in my neighborhood. Just using my cunning intelligence, I positioned the camera at an angle so you couldnt see the houses!

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Now Playing – nothing at all

Matt :D


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