Dear Costco

Hey blog readers! Im sorry I wont be able to blog for a few mights because Im up in the mountains and I forgot my card reader. :P Anyway, today my dad and I stopped by and picked up my first roll of developed film and photos!! They turned out super duper good! Costco did a fantastic job on the printing. But I am going to complain about one thing. See, I remember reading somewhere that Costco will scan your developed film, onto a CD, and the photo size would be 33MP (give or take a few MP). Well, I was mistaken. It appears that all Costco did was scan the printed photos onto the CD! The quality is horrible! A total waste of 3 dollars! If I do it again next time I am going to ask Costco to scan the film, the printed photos. And if Costco wont let me do that, well then Ill go somewhere else. So yup. I will upload some of the photos when I get home. When I do, please dont judge the quality of the photos. The printed photos are REALLY nice!

Anyway, sorry I didnt do a picture tonight. The internet is really slow up here and as I said I dont have a card reader.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please tell your friends and family!

Matt :D


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