OH THE HUMANITY!!! Woes of a Photographer – Part 3

I think its about time to have another one of them Woes of a Photographer postings. Since Im without a card reader, I think it is only fitting to make another one. Oh, and did I mention my grandpa’s computer hasnt been updated in so long that Flash Player doesnt even work? So realistically, I dont think I could upload. Darn.

Well Im back again to list some of the things we as photographers have to put up with. Shall I begin?

Photoshop Phails! – Ya seen, we photographers LOVE Photoshop! Its our life. If we could marry it, we would. But like any woman, it has flaws. Photoshop crashes, a lot. Now this hasnt happened to me so much but I know a lot of photographers say it does. Its VERY annoying. Think about it, we spend hours working on a photo and then BAM! PS crashes and all that hard work is lost forever! Its a burden we must bare. And after hearing a recent rumor that Microsoft might buy Adobe, well ya might as well just have a bunch of kittens protect your castle.

Film vs. Digital – Oh what a common thing to hear amongst photographers. “Film is better then digital man!” “NOOO! Digital is better then film duude!” And so on. Personally I couldnt pick either. I love them both. I love film because its classic. Its the essence of photographer. To me, its what makes it an art. But see, the downside to film is that it cost a whole heaping bunch of money to develop! Even if you get it developed and printed at Costco, it still cost about ten bucks! Well over time that’ll begin to add up. This is were digital comes into play. Its the best way to learn how to photograph! Why? Well DUH! You can take 1000s of photos and it doesnt cost you a cent! Or well, however much it cost to charge the battery. So both have advantages and disadvantages. But I honestly could pick between the two.

Mac vs PC – Good Lord! People get into HUGE arguments over this one. “Mac is better.” “PC is better.” “This one has that.” “Well this one lets you do this.” Its so annoying! Everyone knows Mac is better! Like almost all photographers use them! Why? Well because of the OS and the stability of everything. PC is DEAD!

Canon vs Nikon – And yet again, I list another point on which causes photographers to get into huge arguments. “Canon is better then NIkon.” “Nikon is better then Canon.” Umm, has anyone ever thought that BOTH COMPANIES ARE THE SAME!!! Seriously. Like, there are very few differences between the two. Each brand has something that makes it better then the other, but then what does other one do? Come out with a better one. Its an ongoing competition. If you ask me, Canon is the best. But thats just me! And one should always keep in mind that its not the camera that makes a great photograph, its the photographer!

Prime Lens vs Zoom Lens – Which is better? Prime (fixed focal) lens or Zoom Lens? Ok. Again another thing we photographers like to argue about. Now see, each aehv their pluses and there minuses. Prime tend to have a brighter aperture. I think Primes are great for Portraits n’such because most the time you dont need to zoom. Well if you need to you use this really cool invention called your feet! Yeah, they’ve been around for awhile but you know, we dont use them that much anymore. Now Zoom Lens are the most practical. If your just starting out in photography, Zoom is probably the best way to go. It lets you experiment n’stuff. I think Zoom s better then Prime. Why? Because if you see something far off, you can zoom into capture it! With a Prime you would have to take the time to take your lens off and put a new one on. Its more time consuming and you might miss the shot!

So these are a few of the things we photographers tend to argue about! Anyway, if you have any recommendations for “Woes of a Photographer” I would love to blog about them!

Please spread the Woe around by sharing this to your friends and family!

Matt :D



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5 responses to “OH THE HUMANITY!!! Woes of a Photographer – Part 3

  1. I rarely have Photoshop crash on me. It’s much more stable then Flash Pro :P

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