I Love Fall!

On This Day – Well as we all know today is Mundane. So basically all I did was school. Bleck! But my sister and I did have an interesting conversation this afternoon! We talked about what we did when we were little and all the fun we had! Oh where should I begin??? Well there was this time when my sister and I called each other “Spike” (thats me) and her “Spaghetti” (my sister). I got the name Spike because I had spiky hair way back then and she got Spaghetti because of her long, blonde hair! But wait, it gets worse. My sister and I pretended that we were Junkyard Dogs. No. Im not joking around. We lived in a “junkyard” (IE, the living room) and, well I really dont remember what we did. But I do know we built amazingly awesome forts! haha And then there was the phase were all we did was play with LEGOs! Oh, how I loved playing with LEGOs for countless hours! I miss those days! :'(

Day 266 – well I didnt get any pictures today because of school! I know! It’s terrible! So I am going to use this one that I took over the weekend.

So here is the original. It was a little "flat" in the color department. Seriously, it was a very vibrant and rich scene.

So I helped the picture out a little with PS. :)

Thank you for looking at my blog! Will you please tell your friends about it? Thank you very much!

Now Playing – Breakout – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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